About us

Phoenix Communication is a boutique PR agency based in Paris, specialised in luxury hospitality, travel, lifestyle and gastronomy.

Thanks to its perfect knowledge of these sectors of activity, of the media landscape and the luxury world, Phoenix Communication sets up communication campaigns with high added value, aimed at a targeted audience, and adapted to the French, Belgian and Swiss French-speaking markets.

We are a small team of PR professionals with 20 years of expertise in the luxury hospitality sector. We strive for quality, and we act as passionate ambassadors for our clients.

Phoenix Communication gives its clients access to a selective and trusted network of prominent media figures, online influencers, opinion leaders and brand partners.

We create bespoke campaigns that bring the brand story to life, inspire the media and engage with consumers. We set achievable goals and obtain measurable results.

Our approach is thoughtful and intuitive, based on a client’s individual needs. The Phoenix Communication team works hand in hand with its clients to offer everyday collaboration.

The agency Phoenix Communication was created by Olivia Le Calvez and is managed by Emmanuèle Khann. It complements and accompanies Heloise’s Choice and Ré Management, two companies specialised respectively in the sales and marketing of a network of independent luxury hotels and in the development of hotel projects.


Phoenix Communication crafts bespoke integrated PR campaigns to amplify brand profiles and build their reputations both on and offline. We offer a wide range of tailor-made….


Phoenix Communication highlights prestigious properties with a strong identity. Each one of them cultivates its singularity, nurtures a history and is driven by the culture of excellence….